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Lightning Process Practitioner Training 2018

22/06/2018 - Led by: Phil Parker

Thistle City Barbican Hotel, Central Street, Clerkenwell London EC1V 8DS

Our college is the only place where you can train in this technique.  Effective application of the Phil Parker Lightning Process requires an in-depth understanding of the use of advanced language patterns, NLP and Coaching.  Because of this, everyone who takes this course will need to have taken the Clinical NLP Practitioner & Life Coaching Diploma and the Master Practitioner Certificate in NLP prior to embarking on the Lightning Process Practitioner Training.

If you feel you have suitable similarly advanced training from another college in some of the areas of these courses please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your options for training with us.

The Lightning Process (LP)
For more information about the LP, how it works and what it can be useful for please go to our website.

To be a practitioner of the LP you need to be a member of the Register of LP Practitioners.  Taking this course, passing the exams associated with it and purchasing a licence qualifies you for membership of the Register.  Continued membership of the Register relies on compliance with the LP Code of Conduct, undertaking supervision and Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Course Structure
Initially students observe Phil running the three day LP seminar with clients, followed by training of how to run the seminars as a practitioner (June 2018).  Students are then required to observe two further practitioners running the three day LP training (to be arranged at their convenience) and attend a workshop focusing on delivery skills (August 2018).  Students are also invited and encouraged to attend the annual Practitioner CPD Conference (October 2018).  There are written and practical exams to complete the course – the first opportunity to take the exams will be in September 2018.

Course Dates
Training: Friday 22nd June-Sunday 24th June 2018, 9am-5pm
Delivery Skills workshop: Saturday 11th-Sunday 12th August 2018 – 10am-5pm
Exams: Wednesday 26th-Friday 28th September 2018

Course Fees
1.    The LP three day practitioner course, two observations, Delivery Skills workshop, course recordings and materials, attendance at the CPD Conference and practical and written exams = £1750 +VAT
2.    Additional exam fees are charged if you are required to retake either exams: Written Exam = £40 +VAT, Practical Exams = £135 +VAT
3.    Annual Licence for practicing in the UK = £575 +VAT (2018 costs)
Annual Licence for practicing in countries other than UK = £1000 (+VAT where applicable) per country (2018 costs)
(The first year licence has a 25% reduction as it is recognised that students cannot practice for the first quarter of the year before they are able to qualify)
4.    15% of all LP fees (+VAT where applicable) are payable to the LP register
5.    Annual CPD for all Registered Practitioners, this includes attendance at the annual conference = £200 +VAT (2018 costs) – this is included in the course fees for the first year when students are training.

How to apply
The application process for the 2018 course has now closed but if you are still interested in the course this year then please contact us.