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Advanced Diploma in NLP, Coaching & Clinical Hypnotherapy

23/05/2019 - Led by: Phil Parker

Provisionally: 83 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0HW

This course is only open to those who have taken the PPTI Clinical NLP Practitioner & Life Coach Diploma, and Module 1 and 2 of the Master Practitioner Certificate in NLP.  However if you feel you have achieved a similarly advanced training from another college and would like to take this course then please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your options for training us.

This course is designed to develop your practitioner skills, teach you new material and provide an opportunity to discuss clients, projects, issues and any practical aspects of your work with Phil Parker.  The course focuses around brief interventions, which will build up your skills as a practitioner and the excellence developed on the NLP Practitioner courses.  It also trains you in the latest research, and advanced approaches and techniques.

Completion of this course is one of the requirements for any Lightning Process Practitioner wishing to be awarded Advanced Lightning Process® Practitioner status.

There is a distance learning option available for those based outside of Europe – click here for further details

Course Dates and Times
Thursday 23rd – Friday 24th May 2019, 10am-5.30pm

The course will be a two day course followed by a group skype call with Phil, or another of our College trainers, to discuss any clinical matters further.

Course Fees
The cost of this two day course, plus the additional skype call, is £395 +VAT (£474).

Course Content
There is a space allocated in each of the modules for discussions on relevant issues raised by the students present. Below is a guide to the main topics presented in addition to the issues that individuals may raise:
• Resolving grief and dealing with loss
• Looking at relationships and transforming unhealthy relationships
• Resolving allergies
• Catalepsy and arm levitation
• LAB Profiling as a method for understanding motivational patterns
• Dealing with complaints
• Foundations of understanding body physiology
• Looking at the work of Connirae Andreas and the Core Transformation process

Student Feedback
“I loved it!!! I still remember the fantastic feeling the first day, to be in a small group with Phil felt very exclusive.  To be able to discuss clients and issues with him, great!  Some of the tools we learned were really fantastic.  To see Phil work with Core Transformation was worth travelling to London from Norway.”