Core Transformation – Exploring the work of Connirae & Tamara Andreas – Distance Learning Option

June 2022

In this course you will explore the incredible work of Connirae & Tamara Andreas to give you an even greater toolkit to help clients with deep change work.

Is this course for you?

This course follows our Diploma, Masters and Advanced courses to help you work with an even wider range of clients and issues. It takes working with parts and inner conflict to a much deeper level and for many clients provides a way of reconnecting with something much bigger than themselves.

The distance learning model of this course, like the courses before, requires the individual to ensure they keep up with the taught modules and are able to demonstrate their understanding and development during regular updates with a tutor.

As our distance learning option is primarily designed for students who are based outside Europe if this is not you then we would highly recommend our attendance/live online course instead – you can find full information about this here…

Course Structure

During the course, Phil will take you through the entire steps of the Core Transformation Journey and you’ll have an opportunity to explore how it feels to create lasting change at a deep level for yourself and your fellow students.

The module is learnt through watching the module videos and reading the course notes followed by a 2 hour Skype/Zoom call with another distance learning student and a tutor who will share their expertise and clinical experience with you.  This is followed by a live online interactive call with Phil, and all the students on the course, to discuss any clinical matters further.

The course, whether you take it distance learning or attendance, is run over the same timescales to enable both sets of students to work closely together and arrange practice and discussion sessions.

What you’ll learn…

  • Identifying Core States
  • Exploring the Thanking and Appreciation processes
  • Understanding the Outcome Chain
  • Re-discovering Core States
  • Live through Core States
  • Responding to each type of Outcome Chain Element
  • Growing Up the part
  • Checking for Objections
  • Transforming the original issue
  • TimeLine Generalisations
  • Parental TimeLine approaches

Course Fees

The cost of this course is £455 +VAT (£546).

Any Questions

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the course with us then please get in touch

Booking Your Place

This course is not yet open for application, please email us and we will send you more details as soon as they are available!

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