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Lightning Process

The Lightning Process is a training programme which has had huge success with people who want to improve their health and wellbeing.  It focuses on the science behind how the brain and body interact and teaches you powerful tools to use this to influence your health and life.

Phil Parker, the originator the Lighting Process, runs seminar with his experienced team at our London clinic – you can find more about them, their course dates and prices here…

We also have practitioners in a number of locations around the world and throughout the UK – you can find a local practitioner trained by Phil here…

In this video Phil explains further about the Lightning Process:

What follows is a brief overview of the Lightning Process, for full information about the Lightning Process please contact us or visit the Lightning Process website.

There are three phrases to the training:

1. Starting your Lightning Process journey:
The first phase of the Lightning Process is to listen to Phil’s audio programme ‘Part 1 of the Lightning Process – the Home Study Section‘ which starts to introduce you to some of its key concepts and tools, the science behind it and areas where people have found it successful.

2. Taking the training:
This can be done in small groups of between 3-8 people or as a one to one and is run over three consecutive half days.  The course is interactive and right from the start you will learn tools which will help you to start make changes.

3. Post Course Support:
During the course you will learn a lot of things which you will need implement after the three days and your practitioner is there to support you in doing that both during the seminar and afterwards.  There are also lots of resources to help you after the seminar.