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Press Releases

September 2012
After XMRV, finally good news for CFS/ME – Harvard Uni research

The Lightning Process (LP), developed in the 1990s by British osteopath and personal development expert Phil Parker, has been the subject of a qualitative study by researchers at Harvard and King’s College, London, published in British Journal of Health Psychology …Continued

March 2012
The Vitality Show Featuring Phil Parker

Phil Parker, one of today’s leading personal development experts and coach to the
stars, is sharing some of his groundbreaking ideas with audiences at the Vitality
Show. …Continued

February 2011
The Lightning Process tops UK’s largest ever ME/CFS survey

In the ME Association’s survey of people with ME/CFS, the Lightning Process (LP) has emerged as the best of 25 commonly used approaches for helping people feel ‘greatly improved’ …Continued

January 2011
A revolutionary self training course has emerged top in a survey conducted by the Sussex and Kent ME/CFS Society.

In a poll of 457 members, tracking their experiences over two years, 44 per cent of the society’s members found the Lightning Process “very helpful” and 36 per cent “reasonably helpful”. Many had their lives transformed by the three-day course. …Continued

July 2010
Phobias: it’s all going to be ok

Phil Parker, personal development expert and designer of the Lightning Process, reveals some of the myths surrounding fears and phobias. …Continued

April 2010
Now the good weather is here, it’s the perfect time to put a spring in your step!

Spring is here and it’s time for clearing the clutter out of your home and the office. However, instead of going in search of the bin bags, why not put yourself first? …Continued

March 2010 – NHS RELEASE
£164,000 awarded for new research into the treatment of a chronic childhood condition

A research study looking into interventions and treatment options for a chronic childhood condition has been awarded funding of £164,000 by the Linbury Trust and the Ashden Trust …Continued

February 2010
Lightning Process empowers thousands to transform lives

For more than ten years the Phil Parker Lightning Process has helped thousands of people to transform their health and lives. …Continued

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