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Phil wrote his first book in 2007, the 10 Questions To Ask For Success, which was published by Nipton Publishing.  He then went on to write the Introduction to the Lightning Process and Dû – Unlock Your Potential With a Word.

In 2011 Phil started working with Hay House who published the second edition of the 10 Questions To Ask For Success and the fourth edition of the Introduction to the Lightning Process.

In September 2013, they published his latest book, Get The Life You Love NOW; this is a very exciting book for Phil as it is the result of many years of research into how people can get the best out of their lives.  The book teaches you how to use the tools of the Lightning Process for happiness, success and fulfillment.







Research papers
Phil is completing his PhD at London Metropolitan University and is involved in research into a number of areas including the Lightning Process and Substance Use Disorders. His most recent papers are here:

The utility of measuring flourishing in substance and alcohol use disorders research: a systematic review

Phil Parker, Samantha Banbury and Chris Chandler

Understanding the Lightning Process Approach to CFS/ME; a Review of the Disease Process and the Approach

Phil Parker, DO , Jacqui Aston, BSc (Hons), Fiona Finch, MSc DipCOT


Phil enjoys working with people to ensure they have better lives, happiness, success and health.

Recent feedback from corporate and public lectures:
* Loved the practical ways to change and the scientific information
* Gifted speaker, listened to audience.
* Easy to follow, engaging and provided many examples
* Made it fun and was a very approachable guy. I could have listened to him all afternoon:)
* I found the whole talk very interesting and in particular how to think differently and approach situations from a different angle. Very useful!
* Easy to listen to, bright and cheerful, nice personable manner
* He was engaging, funny, kept it all simple but the messages were very powerful
* Phil is really engaging and interesting. He has a lot of energy.
* Applicability, interactiveness, content
* It easy to follow and he presented it in an entertaining way
* Gaining tools to help me in day to day life not just when at work.
* Style of presentation, content and engagement from the speaker was excellent! Really good taster session.
* He’s a very engaging speaker and made his talk very relatable.

Why not watch Phil’s Do Lectures video about ‘Why the words you say to yourself matter?’ – one of his key inventions – here:

Talks in 2018
So far in 2018, Phil worked with a group of junior doctors training to be GPs in North London.  He will also be running a full day workshop with the Northern Counties Society of Osteopaths in July.   Later in the year, Phil will be in North Carolina, USA to speak at a pain conference, particularly looking at CRPS and RSD.


Talks in 2017
Phil spoke to the Bristol Osteopathic Society in February and was also spoke at the ANLP International Conference in April on ‘The Scientific Magic of Language and Health’; at this conference, Phil was also a finalist in the ‘NLP and health’ category in the ANLP awards.  In July, Phil was featured in an interview on the Lily Wild show.  In August Phil was interviewed by the Academy of Physical Medicine and in September Phil spoke at the Australia and New Zealand Osteopath’s Conference and at another number of other places in New Zealand.  He was also interviewed by a number of NZ radio and TV stations, including Hits Radio, Coast, Radio Live, New Zealand Radio and Dunedin TVyou can find out more here…   In October Phil spoke at the Heart Rhythm Congress on POTs at the ICC in Birmingham.


Talks in 2016
Phil spoke about the power of language to health and change at the UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners Annual Convention in February and was also the keynote speaker at the National GP Appraisers’ Conference in September.  He was featured in an interview on Zen Entertainment Radio.  Phil also spoke at the Institute for Osteopathy’s Annual Convention in November.


Talks in 2015
Phil was busy in 2015, here’s a summary of some of the talks and events he was at:
* ‘Live Your Happiest Life Now’ Telesummit in April..
* Tree of Life Festival in Birmingham in April talking about the healing tools of NLP – you can find a download with some of these tools here…
* London Met Uni lecturing on language and change for the Health Psychology Course
* Immunology conference in Birmingham for leading nursing clinicians – specialists in Inflammatory Bowel Disease – in May
* International Positive Psychology Conference in Florida in June
* Bristol, Camden and Islington Drugs Projects talking about language, change, the LP and TRP
* Immunology conference in Belfast for leading nursing clinicians – specialists in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Psoriasis and RA – in September


Talks in 2014
Phil spoke to Nicola Cairncross of the Business Success Factory at the end of the year – you can listen here…  Phil joined Doug Goldstein on ‘Goldstein on Gelt‘ in June – you can listen here…, Cathy Sexton on her radio show ‘Ignite Your Productivity‘ in July and Phil talked about how to get the life you love on ‘Shirley Live’you can listen to the interview here…  Also in June, Phil spoke at the Yard in Alderley Edge talking about the Lightning Process and how to get a life you love!


Talks in 2013
Phil lectured on language in medicine to the GP’s who train medical students at the prestigious University of Southampton School of Medicine… In February, Phil spoke at the Yes Group in Oxford – you can buy a download of this talk here…  In March, Phil and Ali Campbell worked with clients at the Vitality Show.  Phil talked about his new book ‘Get the Life You Love NOW’ at the Tree of Life Festival in Birmingham in October and The Isbourne Holistic Centre in November – you can buy a download of this talk here…  Phil also took part in Karen and Selma’s Go Beyond Teleseminar (Series 8) in November.


Talks in 2012
Phil gave two lectures and ran a workshop at the Vitality Show in March 2012.  He then gave people an insight into some of the tools of the Lightning Process at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Dublin in March 2012 and in London in June 2012.  Phil spoke to over 1000 people at the Hay House ‘I Can Do It’ Festival in September, sharing the stage with Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer and Cheryl Richardson. He also spoke at the Tree of Life Festival in Birmingham in July and the Yes Group in Norwich in September.


Contact us
If you would like Phil to give a talk or workshop at your group, organisation, company or local town, please contact us:
Phone: 020 7374 0233

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