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NLP Training with Phil Parker NLP Training Institute

NLP Practitioner Courses taught by NLP Master Trainer Phil Parker

I’ve worked with NLP for 30 years and as a result of my clients’ experiences I think NLP is one of the most effective and insightful ways to help others make change; I also think your NLP training should be the very best in the world – but how do you choose one NLP training over another as they all look great on paper and promise much.

Our NLP training promise is simple.

We can help you to become an incredible NLP practitioner; skilled, knowledgeable and effective and able to use NLP in any situation, whether it’s working with NLP to help clients’ personal issues, using NLP in a corporate or business environment, or using NLP for executive or performance coaching.

We provide this by combining a great range of NLP trainings with inspiring engaging delivery, close monitoring and support to ensure your acquisition of NLP skills.

So if you feel:

– you’d like to make a real difference to others

– you’d like to learn the cutting edge skills of personal change for yourself

– you’d like to make change easy for yourself and others

– you are one of those people that others turn to for help and would like more skills

– you’ve experienced the extraordinary benefits of NLP or the Lightning Process (LP) and you’d like to give something back

…then you’re just the kind of person we want to help join the world of NLP.


NLP Master Trainer


When you take your NLP training with bestselling NLP author, Phil Parker, who has been leading training courses in NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy since the early 1990s, you’ll find out why he’s one of the most sought after, exceptional and knowledgeable trainers in the field today.

NLP training with Phil Parker

His inspirational style, practical and fun approach to training makes the journey from starter level NLP through to a clinical practitioner level a joy to take (you can get insight into Phil’s NLP teaching style by listening to this free NLP podcast).
If you’re already ready to start your NLP journey then look at our flexible course structure, and chose the right course in NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy for you from:
Starter courses/short courses
In-depth courses
Distance Learning/online courses

Becoming an expert in this field is within your reach with our Clinical Diploma course, which we think you’ll find is the ultimate in NLP training!

And if you wish to train to become a Lightning Process Practitioner – a technique which transforms the lives and health of clients – we are the only institute you can do that with.  Find out how to train to be a LP Practitioner here…

Check out these videos from clients who have taken our NLP courses…

  • Thank you so much for such an incredible, enlightening experience.

    What an incredible
    learning opportunity,
    extremely professional
    and formal, I gained
    so much in practice as
    well as the theory.
    This has been probably
    the best learning I have
    ever experienced...

    I am delighted I chose
    this course; the rigour
    of the assessment has
    been and is exemplary.
    As an external marker for
    Winchester University it's
    heart-warming to see the
    standard of assessment is
    up there with many of the