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Mindfulness:7 Brilliant Mindfulness technique

Posted on by Phil Parker

mindfulness 2

Take 10 minutes to learn and practice this technique adapted from Milton and Betty Erickson’s work. One of the easiest ways to become more mindful.

Part seven of Phil’s latest tool to help the reluctant meditator.


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Mindfulness:6 Meditation, flow states, self hypnosis

Posted on by Phil Parker

mindfulness 2

Phil discusses the links between these important approaches to becoming present. Understanding how we can shift state from one of distraction to being present is essential to becoming mindful. This podcast sets up a context for the next podcast which teaches an excellent way to develop mindfulness.

Part six of Phil’s latest tool to help the reluctant meditator.


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The science of mind reading

Posted on by Phil Parker

Researchers have finally worked out what’s going on inside people’s heads – well kind of…

Marty Selligmans’ team at Penn State have used big data (the status updates and posts from thousands of facebook and twitter accounts) to see what people are thinking and what they found astonished them…

Check out my free podcast for the full story

here’s a few pictures to look at while you listen;

can you guess who this belongs to?

and this one?


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NLP training; choosing the best course? A student’s perspective

Posted on by Phil Parker

I think it’s really hard to choose which NLP course to take when you’re new to the field – NLP courses and colleges all look so good on the websites, the course leader says all the right things, but quality can be variable, and it can be so difficult to tell the good from the disappointing.

clinical courseI thought some feedback posted by this year’s students on facebook might give a bit of clearer insight on why I think our course  is so special.

“Today I completed my training with the Phil Parker Training Institute and qualified as an NLP Practitioner 

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The gifts of giving

Posted on by Phil Parker

Yesterday fortune shone in Victoria. I was walking along the street to the office and noticed a piece of paper fluttering by my feet.

I bent down to find it was a £10 note.

I looked to see if anyone had dropped it and was searching for it, but they weren’t.

So I picked it up.

There are many things I could do with a tenner, but a few paces later who should I see but the Big Issue Magazine Seller I see and say ‘Hi’ to everyday on that street (these guys are homeless or long-term unemployed people but moving their lives on by buying copies for £1.25 and selling them for £2.50).

And although I could do many things with that tenner, I thought it might give him even more value and joy than it would me, so I stopped him and asked if he’d be happy to take on my new windfall; he was surprised but more than happy to help me out by accepting the gift.

I pretty sure we both left feeling we’d benefitted somehow – and the research backs this up;

Giving makes us feel happy. (A 2008 study by Harvard Business School)

Giving is good for our health (A 1999 study led by Doug Oman of the University of California, Berkeley, found that elderly people who volunteered for two or more organisations were 44 percent less likely to die over a five-year period than were non-volunteers)

Giving promotes cooperation and social connection- (. “Being kind and generous leads you to perceive others more positively and more charitably,” writes Sonya Lyubomirsky in her book The How of Happiness)

Giving evokes gratitude (The lovely Barbara Fredrickson notes “When you express your gratitude in words or actions, you not only boost your own positivity but [other people’s] as well,”)

Giving is contagious -(A study by University of California, San Diego, and Harvard, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, shows that when one person behaves generously, it inspires observers to behave generously later, toward different people.)

What a great way to start the day for both of us

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Vic has her entire future riding on the next 3 days…

Posted on by Phil Parker

Lightning Process Recovery from ME CFSYou may have noticed that Facebook has a new trick; it re-posts your memories from 1,2,3 or more years ago.

Yesterday it posted one to Vic, reminding her that she had posted this short poignant moment in her life on the evening before she was due to take Lightning Process, it simply said:


“Vic has her entire future riding on the next 3 days…”

facebook vic

I didn’t know her then, it’s always one of the weirdest things about my job is that I tend to meet people after they taken the Lightning Process, most seminars are run by my practitioners not me these days, they’re looking radiantly healthy and I can only try and picture how ill they must’ve been because now it’s really hard to imagine.. but back to Vic’s story.. so yesterday she posted…

“ON THIS DAY IN 2008 I STARTED TO GET MY LIFE BACK! Thank you Phil Parker & Jenny Gilmore! The Lightning Process is without a doubt the most important thing I have done in my 33 years on this planet. Without it I would still be in bed with ME/CFS, existing but not living. I’ve done so much in the past 7 years that I never dreamed I would. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xx”

She trained with me in NLP after her Lightning Process experience, so as I said, I’ve only known her to be vibrant, a keen cyclist and a exercise fiend, who spent some time living in Canada, but I wondered what else she’d been up to since that hopeful, scared pre LP post… she replied

  • Oh what haven’t I done Phil?! here are some:
  • became a runner
  • turned out to be quite good at running
  • did some races
  • entered the London marathon
  • tried to join the Army
  • qualified as a PT
  • did all the courses at Phil’s college
  • crewed 2 films for Disney & used to see Meryl Streep & Johnny Depp at work every day
  • cured a driving phobia & learned to drive a car
  • did LOADS of plays which makes me tremendously happy
  • lived in a school, a hospital & a police station
  • fell in love
  • did some more plays
  • did hundreds of ‘odd’ jobs some of which were very odd!
  • taught the LP
  • was in Downton….

I’m sure there must be more! the main thing is, I have tried to have as many experiences as I can – I think I have succeeded! 🙂

Never give up. If I can do it, anyone can – and I was REALLY, REALLY stuck with ME for 5yrs !!!!


yay for facebook memory jogger and for Vic for sharing her story.





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